"YouTube has been working hard on getting users to watch its videos on TV. For example, the site has been bringing its YouTube on TV interface, which was formerly known as YouTube Leanback, to an increasing number of connected devices, knowing that users watch twice as much YouTube content per day when using YouTube on TV as when accessing the site using the traditional desktop experience."


Twice as much content on TV rather than a desktop - holy hells, behaviouralism needs to get out of its transmedia ghetto and get right back in the boardrooms of broadcasters. How and where people watch clearly and elegantly relates to how much they watch. Is it still television if you’re watching it live on a laptop on your own - maybe not. Maybe it’s television if you watch it on a TV screen, in the middle of your living room, whatever it is you’re watching (youtube, someone’s holiday photos on a memory stick, a DVD). We’re already playing console games on our TVs and streaming video & browsing the web & chatting on Facebook via our PS3s and XBoxes - how much of a stretch is it really to be able to access apps and browse the internet just using our TV on its own? We might spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on our gaming PCs but we build rooms around our televisions.

Content isn’t king, baby, it’s context.

From an article on NewTeeVee claiming that Youtube’s top 5 channels get as many daily users as the top 5 US cable channels - staggering if that’s even remotely true.

Source: gigaom.com
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