"The newspaper article is still idealized as a ‘final document’ – onto which comments are intrusions of the living internet. Spaced apart from the authority of the paper, the unknown is quarantined, held to wriggle at the bottom of the frame."


But it’s a “final text” that - on the online versions of newspapers, at least - is being revised, but furtively. How can “comments” move beyond annotation or intrusion? Do they need to be a formalised part of the text - surely the future envisioned by this thought is newspapers-as-wikipedia - a constantly frothing & upturning collaboration - which has its own problems.

Moving away from that perhaps the fact that facebook sign-in is enabled is more interesting - alongside frictionless sharing becoming the norm - the trend is brand creation rather than anonymity or multiple disposable identities - will that lead to accountability? Privacy is dead, and we’re ok with signing our real names to its death warrant.

Source: econsultancy.com
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